My practice has been working with Dennis and Kyle at Escondido Adaptive for over 6 months now and all I can say is ‘Thank You!’.

For years we were working with a large marketing firm who charged exponential fees for services that could not be tracked for success. While they provided reports on the number of ‘clicks’ our ads received, we had no way of knowing if a click ever evolved into a visit, and, if so, how much revenue was generated from that particular lead.

With the service that Dennis and Kyle provide, we are finally able to capture true leads that include patient contact information. They have an automated system to follow up with these leads and work closely with our staff to track if these leads convert into a visit within our practice. Their ads are eye-catching and interactive. In addition, their algorithm for retargeting interested online viewers has helped to boost the success of our online advertising tremendously.

We are seeing more new patients than we ever did previously, and are finally staying within our marketing budget! Escondido has gone above and beyond, even providing patient reminders to return to our practice for services on regularly scheduled intervals, maintaining patient loyalty.

I would highly recommend Escondido for any practice looking to generate new client leads, boost revenues, and track results!

Dr. Rebecca Weiss
Owner/Medical Director, Paradise Medspa & Wellness
Phoenix, AZ